Odour-stop gel air-freshener. Its formula with no fragrance preserves food taste.

Emulsio Naturale exclusive formula.
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Emulsio Naturale ilCatturaOdori
Gel Frigo


Emulsio Naturale ilCatturaOdori Gel for Fridge, thanks to its special dual action technology quickly destroys and absorbs unpleasant odours, leaving your fridge smelling fresh all the time. Its perfume-free formula maintains the true flavour of your food.

The cap indicates the correct temperature (less than 5°C) required for good food preservation.

DARK CAP = CORRECT fridge temperature
LIGHT CAP = NOT CORRECT fridge temperature.

Its exclusive formula with natural origin ingredients has biodegradable ingredients (the surfactants contained in the product are readily biodegradable according to 648/2004/EC Regulation).

How to use it

Remove the label from the cap. Put the product inside the fridge, either on the shelves or in the egg holder. Replace the product when the gel level goes under the sign on the bottom.

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Fragrance Free


40 g
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