Classic wax, to be used with floor polisher or with a dry cloth, rich in Carnauba wax
New formula - more perfumed
L'Originale dal 1952

Emulsio Cera

Traditional WAX, New formula - more perfumed

Cera Specchio is a classical wax with an extra-selection of natural Carnauba wax for floor protection. If used regularly, its special formula creates a protective film on the treated surface and helps protect your floor from age signs (for example: scratches, stains, scraping). It preserves the floor natural brightness and makes daily cleaning easier.
For daily cleaning and brightness, try Emulsio Ravviva Marmo or Emulsio Ravviva Pavimenti Pregiati

How to use it

Pour the wax on the clean floor and apply it evenly using a soft wet cloth. Do not rub on already treated areas. Polish by means of a floor polisher or a dry cloth.

Suitable for:

Mirror finishing for all marble types.

Rich in natural Carnauba wax
It polishes and protects the surfaces

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Delicate lavender fragrance


750 ml
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