Wax for all floor types.
SELF-POLISHING, FORMS A BARRIER AGAINST DIRT to keep floors clean longer. Certified Non-slip*


Emulsio La Cera
Facile -Pavimenti

Formula containing wax micro-pearls

Emulsio’s research laboratories have come up with the LaCera Facile formula.

Its innovative wax micro-pearls form a barrier against dirt to protect your floor and keep it clean longer. LaCera Facile is quick and easy to apply to create a glossy look!

It’s easy! Protect your floors and make sure they stay clean longer!

How to use it

Dampen a clean, soft cloth in water and squeeze it out thoroughly. 

Pour wax into a bowl without adding water, dip the cloth in it, and squeeze it gently. 

Pass the cloth over the clean floor, always wiping in the same direction, without going back over areas already treated. Make sure the cloth is thoroughly soaked in wax at all times during application (about 150 ml wax per 10 sqm). 

Let the floor dry thoroughly before walking over it. NO POLISHING REQUIRED


Patio floors are often made of highly porous materials, or materials that tend to retain dirt from dust, smog, pollen, etc., and rainwater tends to stain them. It’s particularly hard to mop this kind of floor, as if the floor generates resistance. But Emulsio has the solution... Emulsio waxes are perfect for patios and balconies, and regular use forms a protective film that will protect the floor against the signs of time and prevent external agents from creating indelible marks that can spoil the beauty of the patio. This prevents dirt from adhering so that the floor will be much easier to clean! 

Formula tested for reducing the risk of slipping.

Suitable for:

Marble, terracotta, stone and varnished parquet floors.

Also perfect for outdoor use (on patios and balconies).

Protective action
Slip-resistant certificated*

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Floral scent


750 ml

* Formula headed to reduce the risk of slipping.
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