It cleans
No halos
It cares and protects
Long lasting scent

Emulsio Ravviva
Detergente Gres

Anti-redeposition agent

Emulsio, which always takes care of your precious surfaces, created the new Ravviva Gres floor cleaner.

Thanks to its new formula with an anti-redeposition agent, it cleans stoneware, glossy or matt porcelain stoneware floors, without leaving halos, preserving the joints and delaying dirt deposition. It also takes care, protects and perfumes your environment for a long time with a pleasant white flowers and ylang-ylang scent.

How to use it

Dilute 2 caps of product in 5 liters of preferably warm water. No need to rinse.

Suitable for:

All kinds of stoneware, glossy or matt porcelain stoneware floors.


White Flowers and Ylang-Ylang


Standard 750ml - Extra 1000ml