Spray ideal to quickly remove dust from floors. The antistatic spray helps the dust stick to the cloth and releases a protective layer which reduces dust redeposition.

Emulsio MangiaPolvere & CuraMobili

NO GAS Dust Remover - Wood Floor

Emulsio MangiaPolvere Parquet, sprayed on the cloth, quickly captures dust (fluff and hair) from the parquet and makes the floor immediately clean. Its formula with cedar essential oil polishes and protects the parquet leaving a pleasant scent in the air. The innovative system with compressed air without hydrocarbon propellants does not emit harmful gases and helps protect the environment.

How to use it

Shake before use. KEEP THE AEROSOL CAN IN A VERTICAL POSITION and spray the product directly from a distance of 15 cm on a soft cloth placed around the scrubbing brush or on the mop and wipe the floor. For higher effectiveness, spray the product regularly on the cloth while dusting. DO NOT ROTATE THE CAP.

Suitable for:

Parquet and wooden floors


With cedar essential oil


300 ml

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