Odour-stop gel air-freshener that leaves a delicate fragrance in the air.

Fragrance: Natural Freshness.

Emulsio Naturale exclusive formula.

Prodotto dell'anno

Emulsio Naturale ilCatturaOdori
Gel - Freschezza Naturale

Natural freshness

Emulsio Naturale ilCatturaOdori gel is ideal to remove the malodours in the house leaving a delicate fragrance in the air with a continuous action.

Its exclusive formula with natural origin ingredients contains allergen-free perfumes (1272/2008/EC Regulation), making it ideal even for the most sensitive people. Its ingredients are biodegradable (the surfactants contained in the product are readily biodegradable according to 648/2004/EC Regulation).

How to use it

Open the tag and place the gel in the selected room.

Suitable for:

Small and big areas


Natural freshness


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