Emulsio La Cera

The Emulsio waxes, thanks to their innovative wax micro-beads, create a protective anti-dirt barrier that allows the cleaner to last longer. They protect the floor and give it, from the first pass, a unique brilliance. Try the most suitable for you!


Brands Award

ilCatturaOdori  becomes popular again by winning the Brands Award 2016 in the category Home Care and Cleaning!
Brands Award is the only initiative that rewardsthe best yearly performance of a brand in consumer products involving end consumers, modern retail and the social world.

Product of the Year 2016 *

For Emulsio Naturale, innovation means care for environment and people. Consumers know that and 12,000 of them voted for Emulsio Naturale line as Product of the Year 2016 in the category “Natural Home Care Products”. 

* PdA© market research on a pre-selection of innovative products sold in Italy, carried out by IRI on 12,000 consumers aged above 15 (January 2016 – cat. Natural home products)


Emulsio Naturale

Emulsio Naturale brand was born. It includes many house cleaning products and all the ilCatturaOdori line.


Emulsio ilCatturaOdori was born

This product line is effective against bad odours and cares about people, surfaces and environment!


Product of the Year 2013*

Emulsio ilSalvambiente  is voted Product of the Year 2013 in the category “Detergents/Home cleaning”.


Emulsio ilSalvambiente

Another important step towards consumers and eco-sustainability: the innovative water-soluble refills Emulsio ilSalvambiente are launched: they are the only refills with Ecolabel certification for weight and plastic reduction and money-saving! 

*PdA© market research on a pre-selection of innovative products sold in Italy, carried out by IRI on 12,000 consumers aged above 15 (January 2016 – cat. Natural home products)


150th anniversary

In the mid-1800s, the company founder Adolf Sutter clearly defined the values and the rules which would be at the basis of the company management both for him and for future generations: winning customers’ confidence through product quality and good actions, aiming at being better than the competitors in terms of quality and added value, considering innovation as the only means of always being a step ahead in the market. 150 years and 5 generations have passes and Sutter still is a company which understands and anticipates the needs of the consumers, always aiming at innovation.


Emulsio Pronto all’Uso

All started with an intuition by Aldo after he spilled a cup of coffee on the floor….it took cloth, bucket and detergent to clean it and thought: “Why do millions of people need to spend all that time every day to clean the floor?”. The history of  Pronto all’Uso started then: a floor detergent easy and quick to use every time you need it. It does not need to be diluted, it can be sprayed directly on the floor and taken away using a wet cloth and without rinsing.


Detergenti Ravviva with dosing cap

Launch of Detergenti Ravviva line, in a special transparent bottle with pumping handle and ergonomic shape. Under the cap, there is the so-called “dosagiusto”, a special product collecting tank. In 2004, the “dosagiusto” bottle was awarded the second Oscar for packaging.


Wax is easy

Emulsio was the first one to use both liquid wax and self-polishing wax, the first wax which could be used without floor polisher! In the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties floor polishers were included in the Italian consumer price index basket; after the launch of Emulsio «Facile», they almost disappeared from the market.


Borghetto Borbera factory

Before the economic crisis in the Seventies, the factory in Quarto (GE) had faced two world wars and had grown a lot, reaching a total number of 300 employees and 130 salespersons. However, Genoa had grown and it was no longer possible to manage such a factory in the new overcrowded urban environment. Sutter decided therefore to leave the town and harbour and transfer the factory from Genoa to Borghetto Borbera.


Tergex Mangia Polvere was born

At that time, the picture of the housewife dusting the furniture with a feather duster was very popular. Nobody realised that in such a way, dust was just moved from one place to another. Once again, innovation came from observation.
A formula which could charge fabric electrostatically to enable it to attract and keep dust was then created. This formula, sprayed on a cloth, enabled it to capture dust and to leave a protection layer on the furniture. Mangia Polvere was born – ironic, memorable and distinctive.


Oscar for Packaging

Some years after the creation of Emulsio Wax, a special plastic bottle was invented: it had a bending spout and a pumping handle which allowed to spray wax directly on the surfaces to be polished. This bottle was awarded the Oscar for Packaging in 1960.


Emulsio wax

Three generations and two wars have passed before Adolf’s grand-grandchild – Arturo- invented the first liquid wax. His aim was that of making housework less hard. Wax was not soluble, therefore it was necessary to transform it. After the procedure, solid wax became an emulsion. Emulsio was born: its new name came from the new physical status of the wax.


Polishers and solid wax

Short after the opening of the factory in Genoa, the production of polishers and cleaning products with the new brands ROB, OTTOL and CERVINA started.


Plant in Genoa

Arthur Sutter had inherited the company from his father Adolf and had decided to extend its activity to Italy. Genoa was chosen because of its harbour, which could allow the company to ship products and receive raw materials by sea!


Sutter and Advertising

A tireless innovator, Adolf Sutter was one of the first entrepreneurs to believe in advertising as a mass communication medium. In 1879, he bought some advertising spaces on 23 newspapers in Baden and Alsace and published more than 100 advertisings per week.


The «Cathedral of Polisher»

In June 1874, Adolf Sutter wrote to his wife that he was selling the new product “furiously”. At the beginning of the Eighties, the new activity was so successful that Adolf Sutter built a factory entirely devoted to the production of shoe polisher. The factory was so big that it was known as the «Cathedral of Polisher»



Because of the cold, vinegar was not sold well. The polisher market, on the contrary, was really successful; therefore, Adolf Sutter decided to use vinegar for a different application and created the recipe of a new shoe polisher which would soon become the most used one in Switzerland.


The foundation and apple vinegar

Adolf Sutter founded Sutter Krauss in Oberrhofen/Munchwilen. His aim was that of exploiting the big quantities of apples offered by the territory and starting the production of vinegar.