The antistatic slows down the formation of dust for days.

Magnolia e Gelsomino – no gas

Natural freshness

Vaniglia e Tè Bianco - no gas

Natural freshness

Cera d'Api – no gas

Natural freshness

Argan e Mandorla Dolce – no gas

Natural freshness

To preserve and renew the natural brightness of your floor.

Cera Facile Pavimenti

Exclusive formulaa

Cera Facile Parquet

Casa e Bucatoa

Cera a Specchio

With natural maize starch

Cera 6 Mesi

Fresh and long-lasting scent

Detergents for Parquet, Marble and Natural Stones.

Pavimenti Pregiati Lavanda

Exclusive formula

Parquet Olio di Argan

Casa e Bucato

Cotto Arancio e Mandorlo

With natural maize starch

Gres Gelsomino e Ylang Ylang

Fresh and long-lasting scent

Ideal also for the most sensitive people.

Spray Igienizzante

The art of laundry

Spray ilCatturaOdori

The art of laundry


The art of laundry

Gel frigo

The art of laundry

Emulsio Naturale

Clean is a gift of nature.

A product line which is friendly with people, surfaces and environment.

Emulsio Naturale

More and more consumers are giving priority to health, wellness and environment-friendly products when they buy cleaning products. As a matter of fact, in Italy almost 30% of the population suffer from some form of allergy and the percentage will surely increase in the next future.

Emulsio natural replies to this need with products of a quality that respects the environment and people. The product line is composed of 42 products which are present in 4 distinct markets: laundry, surface detergents, environment deodorants and pet care.

  • No allergens*
  • No nickel*
  • Dermatologically tested*
  • With vegetal origin raw materials*
  • Fully biodegradable*
  • **Contains allergen-free parfumes (REG 648/2004/EC), nickel freee (<0,1 ppm), completely biodegradable (the surfactants in the product are quickly, easily and completely biodegradable according to REG 648/2004/EC)
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