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Emulsio Cera

Check out the exclusive line of floor waxes by Emulsio, the undisputed leader of the floor wax market. Scented, specific for cleaning, and designed to protect and polish different types of wood flooring, parquet, terracotta, marble, graniglia, marble-chip, clay tiles, etc. Also available in the Ultra-Shine and Multi-Protection Luxe Wax versions for perfect parquet and marble.

Emulsio Ravviva

Check out the full line of Emulsio Ravviva detergents: new, long-lasting scents and first-rate ingredients, to clean and polish floors in Parquet, Wood, Porcelain Stoneware, Earthenware, Marble and other natural stones. Its concentrated formula gently cleans and polishes all types of floors. The exclusive dispenser ensures optimal dilution with no waste.

Emulsio Lavaincera

Check out the full line of Emulsio Lavaincera products. Emulsio Lavaincera polishes and protects all marble, earthenware, ceramic and parquet floors. Try out also our cloths soaked in Lavaincera, for quick and easy results!

Emulsio Metalli

Check out the full line of Emulsio Metalli cream and spray products. SplendiArgento polishes and protects silver, silver plate, chiselling and inlays from tarnishing. SplendiRame performs an anti-scratch action on copper, bronze and brass.

Emulsio altri prodotti

Check out all the other Emulsio products, specifically designed to clean and take care of your home.

Specialità Sutter Professional

Check out The Sutter Professional Specialities. High-performing products for specific uses.


Check out the full line of Nova products. Nova is a small line of products combining quality and cost effectiveness, for quick and easy results.