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Emulsio MangiaPolvere l'Antistatico

The new line of Emulsio MangiaPolvere creates an antistatic barrier that does not redeposit the dust for days, allowing you to clean better and less.

The Antistatic Dust Eater has a double effect: it eliminates dust from furniture without dispersing it in the air and, thanks to its special antistatic barrier, releases a protective layer on your surfaces and slows down the re-settling of dust for days!

You can choose the Mangiapolverr that best suits your needs, there is one for each surface!
You also have the two variants available to protect and revive floors and parquet. Complete the care of your furniture with CuraLegno and DetergenteLegno to always have them clean, nourished and shiny.


Emulsio La Cera

An unrivalled leader on the wax market, Emulsio offers a range of waxes covering all needs and all kinds of surfaces. With regular use, Emulsio waxes apply a protective film over the treated surface, protecting the floor against the signs of time and preserving its natural sheen. Discover which wax is best for your home.

LaCera Specchio: A traditional wax for impeccable shine
LaCeraFacile: Self-polishing waxes that protect against dirt with innovative wax micro-pearls
LaCera Luxe UltraBrillante and UltraProtettiva to keep floors looking beautiful longer

Emulsio Lavaincera

Two modern references, one for all types of floors and one specific for parquet, to clean and polish all floors by wrapping your home, for more than 24 hours, in a fresh and pleasant clean scent.

Emulsio Ravviva

Emulsio, which always takes care of your precious surfaces, created the new Ravviva Detergents: high cleaning power formulas, which clean floors and surfaces without leaving streaks. They also take care, protect and perfume your environment for a long time. There is one for every surface: parquet, marble, stoneware and terracotta. Try also the practical Panni Parquet, biodegradable and extra strong!

But not only! From today, the new Ravviva Double Fragrance with essential oils are also available: thanks to their technology, they release a long-lasting fragrance in the environment that evolves over time: Lemon Blossom and Camellia or Lavender and Orange Blossom.

Try also the Emulsio Ravviva Wood Detergent with Almond Oil and Sandalwood and Emulsio Ravviva Pelle with Aloe Vera, your allies for small surfaces’ cleaning and caring.

Emulsio Deodoranti

The new Emulsio Deodoranti line has an answer to every consumer need: deodorizing, sanitizing and eliminating bad smells. 

Emulsio Aromatherapy, thanks to its innovative "Doppia Fragranza" technology with essential oils, releases a long-lasting scent into the environment that evolves over time: Lavender and Orange Flowers, Lily of the Valley and Jasmine or Vanilla and Green Tea.

Emulsio answers the need to remove bad smells while sanitizing, thanks to its exclusive formula with Alcohol, it is also ideal for surfaces and fabrics. 

Thanks to the Odor Neutralizer Technology, Emulsio gels eliminate the most persistent odors even from the most hidden and insidious areas of your house! 

Emulsio. La cura di bellezza per tutte le superfici della tua casa.

Emulsio Metalli

Emulsio Metalli line is the specific cream line for precious surfaces, with two variants suitable for Silver and Silverplate and Copper, Bronze and Brass.

Emulsio Naturale Pulizia Casa

Check out the full line of Emulsio Naturale products. Plenty of products to clean, and take care of your home while respecting people, surfaces and the environment.

Emulsio altri prodotti

Check out all the other Emulsio products, specifically designed to clean and take care of your home.


For all "heavy" jobs, whether you have mold problems or need a hand to unclog the pipes, you have the guarantee of a professional brand at your service.


Check out the full line of Marga products, designed to revive, polish and protect leather and suede against the rain.


Check out the full line of Nova products. Nova is a small line of products combining quality and cost effectiveness, for quick and easy results.

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