It sanitizes
Double fragrance technology
Essential oils

Emulsio Ravviva
Detergente Fiori di Limone e Camelia

Double fragrance with essential oils

Emulsio, which always takes care of your precious surfaces, created the new Ravviva.

Double Fragrance floor detergent, that cleans, sanitizes and, thanks to its innovative technology, releases a long-lasting pleasant scent in the environment which evolves over time: a fresh lemon flowers scent while cleaning followed by a gentle camellia scent that lasts more than 24h.

Suitable for all kinds of floors.

How to use it

Dilute 2 caps of product in 5 liters of preferably warm water. No need to rinse.

Suitable for:

All kinds of floors.


Lemon Flowers and Camellia


Standard 750ml - Extra 1000ml