Wax for all types of floors
Specific for Polishing Machine
Mirror gloss effect

L'Originale dal 1952

Emulsio La Cera

With Carnauba Wax

Emulsio’s research laboratories have come up with the LaCera Specchio formula containing Carnauba wax to create a glossy "mirror effect" after polishing.

Carnauba wax is a quality plant-based wax with acknowledged polishing and waterproofing properties, obtained from the leaf of the South American palm tree known as the Tree of Life.

Protect your floors and make sure they stay clean longer!

How to use it

Pour wax onto clean floor and distribute it evenly over the floor surface right away, using a soft, damp cloth, being sure not to repeat treatment over the same areas. 

Polish with a polishing machine or a dry woollen cloth.

If footsteps leave marks on the floor between polishing treatments, simply wipe the affected area with a woollen cloth or pass the polishing machine over it to restore shine.

Suitable for:

Mirror gloss on all kinds of floors.

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Delicate lavender fragrance


Standard 725 ml – Extra 775 ml
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