Lavaincera Profumato cleans, polishes and releases a nice scent with a single coat on all floors

Emulsio Lavaincera

Long lasting Scent (over 24h) thanks to the Infinity Essence Technology *

Emulsio Research laboratories created the formula Emulsio Lavaincera Profumato that in just one coat cleans, polishes and perfumes marble, ceramic, varnished parquet, terracotta and grit floors. Its exclusive lavender scent with precious essential oils, thanks to the "Infinity Essence" technology, is naturally active in contact with the air, enveloping your home for over 24 hours in a fresh and pleasant clean scent. 

In addition, the application is quick and easy, does not leave halos and does not stick; thanks to the formula with Carnauba wax, the floors are immediately shiny!                                                
*Patented technology and exclusive perfumes

How to use it

Unscrew the cap, pour 5 caps of product in half bucket (about 5 Liters). Dip the cloth in the bucket, squeeze it and wash the floor. Do not rinse.    
For a brighter effect, pour the product directly onto the floor and spread it evenly using a damp cloth.
Leave to dry well.

Suitable for:

marble, ceramic, varnished parquet, terracotta and grit




Standard 875 ml - Extra 950 ml