Nova Lavaincera

Triple action cleaning, polishing, perfuming
Triple action cleaning, polishing, perfuming

Wash&Wax With lavender scent

Nova is a convenient and quick product for the cleaning and waxing of all marble, marble composition, ceramic, parquet* and terracotta floors. Its triple action formula cleans and polishes all treated surfaces leaving a fresh lavender scent in the air. Easy application, quick drying and shiny floors without effort.

How to use it

PURE USE: Open the cap, pour the product directly on the floor and apply evenly using a wet cloth. Let it dry perfectly.. DILUTED USE: Unscrew the cap. Dilute 5 caps of product in half bucket of water (about 5 litres). NO NEED TO USE THE FLOOR POLISHER.

Suitable for:

Marble, marble composition, ceramic, varnished parquet and terracotta.


Lavender scent


900 ml

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