Gel formula to unblock drains in 5 minutes. It does not damage pipes (also plastic ones). It eliminates malodours an can be used also with stagnant water.
Le Specialità Sutter Professional

Sturapresto Gel con Candeggina


SturaPresto Gel unblocks the drains of sinks, showers and bath tubs, eliminating malodours and helping remove bacteria. It does not damage pipes (also plastic ones) and is effective in only 5 minutes.

How to use it

Press the cap downwards and unscrew it. CLOGGED DRAINS: pour 500ml (half bottle) into the clogged drain, also in case there is some stagnant water in it. Let it act for at least 5 minutes. For PERSISTENT CLOGGING: let it act for 12 hours and make hot water flow heavily. WEEKLY MAINTENANCE: pour 250 ml (1/4 of the bottle) to keep drains free and prevent clogging and malodours.

Suitable for:

Sinks, showers and bath tubs. It eliminates malodours




1 L