It lasts up to 60 days
Odor Neutralizer Technology

Emulsio Deodoranti
CatturaOdori Gel Frigo

It eliminates bad smells

Emulsio CatturaOdori Frigo, thanks to the Odor Neutralizer Technology, effectively eliminates the unpleasant and persistent fridge odors. Its gel formula made with 90% natural origin ingredients is fragrance-free in order to maintain the food taste and aroma unchanged. 

In addition, its cap is equipped with an indicator for checking the correct fridge temperature (less than 5°C) required for good food preservation.
- DARK CAP = CORRECT fridge temperature
- LIGHT CAP = NOT CORRECT fridge temperature.

How to use it

Remove the label from the cap. Put the product inside the fridge, either on the shelves or in the egg holder. Replace the product when the gel level goes under the sign on the bottom.

Suitable for:

Removing the fridge odors


Fragrance Free


40 g

* Natural origin ingredients