Air Freshener
Dual-Fragrance Technology
With essential oils

Emulsio Deodoranti
Aromatherapy Doppia Fragranza Lavanda e Fiori d'Arancio

With essential oils

Emulsio Aromatherapy, thanks to its innovative Double Fragrance technology, releases a long-lasting pleasant scent in the room which evolves over time: a fresh lavender scent while cleaning followed by a gentle orange flowers scent that lasts more than 12h.

Thanks to its Odor-Neutralizer technology formula, it eliminates also the most persistent and unpleasant smells.

How to use it

Shake well before use. Direct the aerosol can towards the room center and spray the product for a few seconds. Do not use the product on fabrics.

Suitable for:

Rooms Deodorizing


Lavender and orange blossom


350 ml