Scented Antistatic
Eco Lover*

Emulsio MangiaPolvere l'Antistatico
Magnolia e Gelsomino

Double power against dust

Emulsio MangiaPolvere Magnolia e Gelsomino exclusive formula, not only eliminates dust from surfaces without spreading it in the air, but also creates an antistatic barrier which avoids its redeposition for days! Emulsio MangiaPolvere Magnolia e Gelsomino also releases a pleasant scent of magnolia and jasmine in the air.

MangiaPolvere is Eco Lover*:
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Compressed air technology that respects the environment!

How to use it

Shake before use. KEEP THE AEROSOL CAN IN A VERTICAL POSITION and spray the product directly on a soft cloth from a distance of 15 cm. and remove dust. DO NOT ROTATE THE CAP.For an higher effectiveness, spray the product regularly on the cloth while dusting. 

Suitable for:

Furniture, furnishings, ornaments, TV, PC, metal


Magnolia and Jasmine


300 ml