Dust removal spray for Parquet floors
Extra Shine 
Save time and do not pollute 

Emulsio MangiaPolvere l'Antistatico

Antistatic dust remover

Emulsio MangiaPolvere Parquet, sprayed on the cloth, thanks to its magnet effect, immediately catches even the most insidious dust (fluff, hair, also of animal origin) from all the floors. It also removes dust allergens which can cause annoying allergies and makes the Parquet shine!

MangiaPolvere Parquet is Eco Lover! One pack means more than 100 usages*: no waste of disposable cloths, less garbages and less pollution!

*average consumption calculated on the basis of 1 to 2-seconds supplies

How to use it

Shake before use. KEEP THE AEROSOL CAN IN A VERTICAL POSITION and spray the product directly from a distance of 15 cm on a soft cloth, e.g. microfibre,  or on the fringed broom (mop) and wipe the floor. For higher effectiveness, spray the product regularly on the cloth while dusting. 

Suitable for:

Parquet and wooden floors


Cedar wood


300 ml