Specific terracotta floors wax
Without Polishing Machine
Non-slip certified*

Emulsio La Cera
Facile Cotto

Formula with shield molecules

Emulsio Research laboratories created LaCera Facile formula  specific for terracotta floors, with waterproofing agents.

Its innovative shield molecules create a barrier that protects your terracotta floors from dirt and keeps the floors clean longer.
Moreover, LaCera Facile application is easy and quick, for a Shine effect!

Facile! Protect your floors and make the clean last longer!

How to use it

Dampen a clean, soft cloth with water and wring it thoroughly out  
Pour the wax into a bowl without adding water, dip the cloth and wring it slightly out.
Pass the cloth on the clean floor, in one direction avoiding going over already treated areas.
Always keep the cloth well soaked of wax during the coating phase (about 150 ml of product every 10mq). 
Leave to dry perfectly before walking, NO POLISHING NEEDED!


Terrace coverings are often made up of very porous materials or materials that tend to retain dirt created by dust, smog, pollen, etc., stains of runoff or rainwater are created, passing the rag is difficult as if the floor made friction. 
Luckily Emulsio always has a solution...  Emulsio waxes are ideal for terraces and balconies; in fact, if regularly used, create a protective film that protects the floor from the signs of aging and prevent external agents from creating indelible stains that ruin the beauty of our terraces; moreover the dirt won't stick on the floor and cleaning will be much faster and easier!
Tested formula to reduce slipping risks

Suitable for:

Terracotta flooring, indoors and outdoors.

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Floral scent


725 ml

* Tested formula to reduce slipping risks.
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