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Facile Rossa

More shine
More protection
Clean longer
More shine
More protection
Clean longer

Barriera Protettiva 3in1

Emulsio, the original Italian wax since 1952, with Barriera 3in1 formula to give red tiles floors even more shine and protection from scratches and make the cleaning last longer.
LaCera Emulsio Facile with red pigments, self-polishing and non-slip, is even easier and quicker to apply without leaving streaks and halos.

How to use it

Moisten a clean, soft cloth with water and wring it out carefully.
Pour the wax directly onto the clean floor (approximately 150 ml of product every 10m2) and spread over the entire surface.
Apply in one direction only, avoiding going over areas that have already been treated.
Leave to dry before walking, NO POLISHING NEEDED!

Suitable for:

Stoneware, bricks and red tiles floors.
Also ideal for outdoors (balconies, terraces).




725 ml

* Tested formula to reduce slipping risks.

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