Emulsio MangiaPolvere

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Scented Antistatic
Eco Lover*
Scented Antistatic
Eco Lover*

In one product, 4 actions against dust

The new Emulsio MangiaPolvere 4in1 formula not only removes dust from furniture without dispersing it in the air, but creates an antistatic barrier that does not let it settle again for days. It also guarantees shine without haloes and releases a pleasant scent in the air!
Thanks to beeswax, it is ideal for nourishing and protecting wooden furniture and doors.


MangiaPolvere is Eco Lover*:

- New no-gas formula!
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Environmentally friendly compressed air technology!

How to use it

Shake before use. KEEP THE AEROSOL IN A VERTICAL POSITION, spray the product directly on a soft cloth from a distance of 15 cm. and remove dust. DO NOT ROTATE THE CAP. For a higher effectiveness, spray the product regularly on the cloth while dusting.

Suitable for:

Wooden furniture, antique furniture, fixtures, jambs and doors




Standard 300ml - Extra 400ml