Parquet specific wax - SELF-POLISHING and with HIGH PROTECTION for surfaces slip-resistant certificated* New formula - more perfumed

Emulsio Cera
Facile -Parquet

Floor Wax, Perfumed and self-polishing

Cera Facile Parquet, if used regularly, creates a protective film on the treated surface and helps protect your floor from age signs (for example: scratches, stains, scraping). It preserves the floor natural brightness and makes daily cleaning easier. New slip-resistant formula: tested to reduce slipping risks. Easy and quick application, no need to use a floor polisher. For daily cleaning and brightness, try Emulsio Ravviva Parquet

How to use it

PURE USE to POLISH and PROTECT: Dampen a soft cloth with water and squeeze it carefully. Pour the wax into a bucket, dip the cloth and squeeze lightly. Wipe the cloth on the surface in the same direction without touching the already wiped areas. Let it dry completely and do not polish. DILUTED USE to CLEAN and REVIVE and to keep it shine longer. Pour 4 caps (100 ml) in 5L of water (half bucket). Wash with a cloth without rinsing. Do not polish. EXTERNAL USE: Terrace coating is often made of very porous materials or materials which tend to keep the dirt caused by dust, smog, pollen etc. Stains are caused by drain or rain water and wiping can be hard because of the floor friction. Luckily, Emulsio has the right solution for everything... The new Emulsio waxes are ideal for terraces and balconies: if used regularly, they create a protective film which protects the floor from age signs and prevents external agents from creating permanent stains which ruins the beauty of our terraces. Moreover, dust will not stick to the floor and cleaning will be a lot quicker and easier! Tested formula to reduce slipping risks.

Suitable for:

Varnished parquet floors. Protective action slip-resistant certificated* Self-polishing Perfumed

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Cedar wood


750 ml

* Formula headed to reduce the risk of slipping.
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