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Aromatherapy Brezza di Ceylon

Perfume for environments
With essential oils

Perfume for environments
With essential oils

It brings the SPA atmosphere directly in your house

Emulsio Aromatherapy Energia Mediterranea, thanks to its Green Tea scent, enriched with precious essential oils, brings in your house a deep well-being SPA atmosphere, giving a freshness and lightness feeling.

Its innovative Odor Neutralizer Technology formula, with 90% of natural origin ingredients and nickel-free (<0,1ppm), eliminates also the most 
persistent and unpleasant smells, respecting both people and environment.

How to use it

Shake before use. Direct the aerosol can towards the room center and spray the product for a few seconds. Do not use the product on fabrics.

Suitable for:

The environments deodorizing


Green Tea


350 ml

* Natural origin ingredients

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