For surfaces and furnishing fabrics
With Alcohol


Emulsio Deodoranti
CatturaOdori Igienizzante Freschezza Naturale

With Alcohol

Emulsio CatturaOdori with Alcohol is the exclusive sanitizing spray with 90% of natural origin ingredients.
t is dermatologically tested and nickel-free (<0.1ppm). In addition, thanks to its Odor Neutralizer Technology, it eliminates odors and leaves a delicate fragrance.

How to use it

Shake before use. 
This product can be used for:
- Sanitizing and removing odors from surfaces and furnishing fabrics (
textile upholstery of sofas, armchairs, curtains, rugs, carpets, seats, car mats, trash cans, dustbins, areas dedicated to pets, sanitary ware, etc.): after having tested the product on a hidden corner to check the color resistance, spray it on the surface to be treated
- Removing odours from the air (smoke, pets, food, bathroom, mould, humidity). Direct the spray towards the room centre and spray for a few seconds.

Suitable for:

Sanitizing and removing odors


Natural Freshness


350 ml

* Natural origin ingredients