Waterproofing spray for smooth leather, suede and nabuk (all colours)

Spray Antipioggia


Marga Spray Antipioggia is a waterproofing product specific for smooth leather, suede and nabuk (all colours). Its highly protective formula is particularly effective against water, oil and grease stains. Suitable to revive the colours of smooth leather and suede. It is also a good protection for buckskin clothes, shoes, accessories and fabrics in general.

How to use it

Shake the aerosol can. Keep it in a vertical position and spray evenly on the surfaces to be treated from a distance of 15/20 cm. Let it dry for about 30 minutes. Repeat the treatment periodically for long-lasting waterproofing. Do not apply in close or small rooms.

Suitable for:

Smooth leather, suede, nabuk and buckskin clothes (all colours)




150 ml
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