It gives long-lasting protection against oxidation. With cleaning microspheres.

Emulsio Metalli
Splendi Argento

Protective Polish Cream

Emulsio’s research laboratories have come up with the new  Splendi Argento cream formula. The new formula cleans, polishes and protects silver and silverplate without scratching and and stain rings. Its special  microspheres form an barrier against oxidation, able to make the brightness last longer.

How to use it

1) Shake the bottle before use;
2) Pour a quantity of product on a soft cloth;
3) Rub the surface until the oxidation is eliminated and immediately wipe with a clean, soft and dry cloth.
In case of engraving and marquetry rinse and dry. Do not let the product dry on the surface. Before using the product, test it on a small portion.

Suitable for:

Silver and silver-plated steel




200 ml

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