It removes mould and whitens the grout lines effectively, using bleach
Le Specialità Sutter Professional

Mangiamuffa Gel with Bleach


MangiaMuffa is specifically designed to remove mould and whiten grout lines without effort. Thanks to its formula with bleach, it ensures complete hygienizing and protects from mould, preserving at the same time the glaze of ceramic coating. Try it also on sinks, bathroom fixture bases, wet corners and internal plastered walls, tiles and swimming pool edge tiles.

How to use it

Turn the nozzle to ON to open it and to OFF to close it. Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned, then rinse with a wet sponge or under running water. In case of persistent dirt, let it act for 4 or 5 minutes, rub the grout line with an abrasive sponge and rinse heavily.

Suitable for:

Walls and house corners with mould


With bleach


500 ml